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    Fun: The Shrine is a lot of fun. The meetings are fun. The club and unit projects are fun. Social activities are fun. Transporting patients to a Shriner’s Hospital is fun and rewarding.

  • Public Speaking Skills: Many individuals who join the Shrine develop confidence and skill in public speaking.

  • Citizenship: Every Shriner wears a pin that says “Shriner.” A Shriner is welcomed and encouraged to attend any of the 191 Shrine Centers and their 3,500 units and clubs throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Panama. There are few major cities in North America that do not have a Shrine Center or Shrine Club.

  • Assistance when Traveling: Because there are Shrine Centers and Shrine Clubs almost everywhere, many Shriners who have needed a doctor, lawyer, hotel, dentist or medical advice while traveling have resolved their need quickly through a local Shrine Center.

  • Entertainment: Every Shrine Center has dances, parties, meetings and other activities that provide meaningful diversions to daily life. The Shrine also has regional conferences and national conventions which provide fun at parades as well as Shrine information and education.

  • Development of Social Skills: The Shrine is for people who like people and want to make new friends.

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