We are moving!

By June 2018, Kena Shriners will have a new home, the address is: 

9500 Technology Drive
Manassas, VA. 20110

For over 54 years, Kena as been located on Arlington Blvd. in the County of Fairfax, In January 2018 Kena purchased property on Technology Dr. in the City of Manassas, and is in the process of relocating.

During renovations, Kena meetings will be held in a temporary location yet to be determined, be sure to find out where.

Hiram's Oasis Pictures Other

There are over 177 pictures. All images in image folders 1,2, and 3. Plus others.

Folder 1

Folder 2

Folder 3

This group of York Rite images has been provided from the collection of Michael B. Dodge, Grand Junior Steward, GL of CT 05-01-2008. Added more York Rite clip art from Michael Dodge 07-21-09.


The below image was created and supplied by Bryan Stevens bryan.stevens@ntlworld.com Bryan created the compass and square in AutoCAD as 3d objects (he used to be quite adept at AutoCAD) and the 'G' in truspace (a 3d rendering package). He imported the c & s into truspace, gave all three objects a metallic 'gold' surface and a 'plastic coating' and set a few light points to create highlights. He saved this as flat graphic file which he imported into adobe Photoshop. Creating two layers, he gave the background a cloud effect and shone a spotlight on to it. This (accidentally, he must admit!) gave it the 'globe' effect. He finally added the highlight to the end of the square. It took ages to do.

The below images added 11-29-13. By Brother Bill Mitchell

The below image was created and supplied by Scott Bounds


The below image provided by William Baumbach

Some Masonic icon's


The below three images were provided by... Sir, I used one of your black and white very basic pictures and then I colored it in. I want you to have my finished products to use as you see fit. You can post these images too if you would like to. They will come in handy to anyone who wishes to spruce up their correspondence. Thank you for coming through for me when I really needed this image.

Justin M. Espinoza B-Sites MWR Area Manager Western Iraq
B1 Al Asad Airbase 
PMO Building 2 Room 1A
APO AE 09333
(713) 970-5976





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