Kena Shriners new address is: 9500 Technology Drive Manassas, VA. 20110 Map: https://goo.gl/5vVEbR

For 67 years, Kena has been located in the County of Fairfax, In January 2018 Kena purchased property on Technology Dr. in the City of Manassas, and moved May 16, 2018

During renovations, Kena meetings will be held in a temporary location yet to be determined, be sure to find out where.

Kena Horse Patrol

The Horse Patrol was organized in Kena in 1957. This all Palomino Unit was well drilled, beautifully disciplined and lavishly furnished with accoutrements.

The Horse Patrol of Kena was awarded a tie for first place in the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade in Washington, D.C. in 1965. The net result of the “tie” was a First Place Trophy which was presented in appropriate ceremonies at a Kena meeting to Harold F. Elsberg, Captain of the Patrol.

At the Grand Parade of the Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester, Virginia on May 1, 1975, the Kena Temple Horse Patrol had the single honor to have been selected as Honor Guard for the Parade. This marks the fourth time that the Patrol had been invited to participate in the parade and it is the third time that the Patrol had been selected to act as Honor Guard.

The Honor Guard was followed by Lucille Ball of Movie and TV fame, Grand Marshall of the Parade, Luci Baines Johnson, youngest daughter of President and Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, Queen Shenandoah XXXVII; Gen. Curtis LeMay, Air Force Chief of Staff; the Apple Blossom Princesses, the national and international dignitaries, the bands, the floats and the various marching units. The officials were so pleased with the performance of the Kena Horse Patrol that a permanent Trophy and a special citation were awarded to this Unit.

Members of the Patrol and their Palamino mounts who participated in the Parade were: Harold F. Elsberg, Captain of the Unit; Jack Fox, Joseph A. Gerber, Walter Honeycutt, John W. Kipps, Victor R. Landi, Clint C. McDonald, Theodore E. Namey, William L. Peele, Gordon F. Singhas and Oscar Don Weber.

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