Tuesday, 18 December 2018 at 7:30pm will be the stated meeting, and election of the 2019 officers for Kena Shriners. NOTE this is a change of date from usual. Dinner will be at 6:30pm, please RSVP to dinner@kena.org

Christmas tree sales will NOT take place this year because of our move from Fairfax to Manassas, we are looking at selling Christmas trees in 2019.


Kena Shriners new address is: 9500 Technology Drive Manassas, VA. 20110 Map: https://goo.gl/5vVEbR

Stated meetings have been changed: TBA (To Be Announced)

For 67 years, Kena has been located in the County of Fairfax, In January 2018 Kena purchased property on Technology Dr. in the City of Manassas, and moved May 16, 2018

During renovations, Kena meetings will be held in a temporary location yet to be determined, be sure to find out where.

Kena Flying Fez Club

The Club was formed in 1986 by Col. Felix A. Rodgers with the vision of helping those less fortunate and in need of speedy medical help and promoting Aviation with today’s youth. The Club at its zenith reached 48 members and of those members, 34 were pilots holding the title of Col. These pilots supplied their aircraft on many missions. The goals of the Club are to promote Flying Awareness for future Pilots and fly children to the required hospitals.

The Club is now refreshing its membership with the help the help of a new float and the current Commander, Col. Jim Terry and the two previous Commander’s Paul Goforth and Col. Dean Resch .

The first Officers were:
Commander Col. Felix A. Rodgers
1st VC Col. James B. Stone
2nd VC Col. Paul Goforth
Wing Cmdr. Col. Charles M. Clark
Chmn Activities Col. Douglas Detweiler
Chmn Parades Col. Edwin Nelms
Asst. Parades Col. Chester Ray DePew
Chief Transportation Col. Ormel (Mel) Clayton
Membership Col. Paul W. Bergman
Sec./Treas. Col. James W. Smith
Staff Director Col. Carl R. Lambert
Staff Advisor Col. Lewis R. Cardwell

The Flying Fez flew many missions for both the healthy and the sick and injured. The Club helped many other Clubs and Units to meet their goals. The Club worked on a parade float for 13 years and finally completed the float with the help of past and present Commanders, Paul Goforth, Dean Resch and Jim Terry.

The Flying Fez completed their float one day before the Fairfax County 2000 Independence Day Parade and won the “ Best Overall Float Award”

Additionally, Paul will supply a photo of the first child (girl) to be flown to the hospital and being fitted with new hands appliances and feet adjusted shoes.

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