Kena Legion of Honor

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The objectives of the Legion of Honor are to perpetuate the memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice in the service of their country; to foster a spirit of patriotism and love of country and its flag; to support the Potentate in advancing the best interests of Kena; and to assist in upholding the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

The Kena Legion of Honor was first organized in 1946 as the Alexandria Unit of the Acca Temple Legion of Honor. Noble A.P. Cone served as the first Commander, with Noble W. P. Watkins as Adjutant, Noble F. M. Hoffman as Finance Officer and Noble F. B. Hutcheson as Supply Officer. According to available records, at that time the Legion of Honor membership totaled 23. Other than this, there are no known records to account for the happenings of the Unit until June 30, 1951, as it was at that time the Acca Temple Legion of Honor, Alexandria Unit was incorporated into the new Kena and was the first chartered uniformed body of Kena. Noble Joseph R. Harris was appointed the first Commander of the Kena Legion of Honor. There is no record of the other officers assigned the first year under Commander Harris.

Records indicate that the first candidates to be initiated into the Kena Legion of Honor were Past Commander and Past Potentate, Illustrious Robert A. Duke and Noble Christian O. Chritenson. The membership has continued to increase through the years and by the end of 1975 this Unit had become the largest Unit in Kena with a total membership of 121, which includes both marching and non-marching members.

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