The line officers of a Shrine Temple (Chapter) are called the Divan. This is a progressive line, where each line officer moves up a position each year. Elections are held annually. Some positions are elected, while others are appointed by the Potentate. Most positions typically change each year.
The Divan positions are derived from Arabic tradition, and each has it's own set of defined duties and responsibilities.

Potentate - (President or CEO of the organization) - elected
Chief Rabban – elected
Assistant Rabban – elected
High Priest and Prophet – elected
Oriental Guide – elected
Treasurer – elected
Recorder – elected
First Ceremonial Master – appointed
Second Ceremonial Master – appointed
Marshal – appointed
Captain of the Guard – appointed
Outer Guard (one or more) -- appointed

The term Noble refers to an individual member of the Shriners. Nobility refers to all Shriner's.
Shriners International located in Tampa Florida is the main overseeing body of all Shriners. Members refer to it as Imperial Shrine.

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