We are moving!

By June 2018, Kena Shriners will have a new home, the address is: 

9500 Technology Drive
Manassas, VA. 20110

For over 54 years, Kena as been located on Arlington Blvd. in the County of Fairfax, In January 2018 Kena purchased property on Technology Dr. in the City of Manassas, and is in the process of relocating.

During renovations, Kena meetings will be held in a temporary location yet to be determined, be sure to find out where.

Kena Shriners

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What Is It Like To Be A Shriner

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Shriners Believe In Giving

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Welcome to Kena Shriners, Fairfax, Virginia.

"Semper Fi" (Always Faithful)

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Kena Shriners kena building 3809001 Arlington Blvd. Fairfax, Virginia 22031


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